Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tony Luvs Maria #Jetsrule #2012

My son is in the stage crew for his high school's production of "West Side Story." It's a fabulous production, with a huge cast and cute Sharks and Jets and re-created a sweet brick tenement fire escape.

When the junior who plays Tony was climbing the ladder the other night (during my second viewing of the show - third and final time tonight. I think I have most of the lines memorized. I could totally step in and play one of the Sharks) I was thinking, this play still holds up after 50-plus years, but if this were 2012, our hero would NOT be going over to Maria's apartment to declare his love. He would be texting her. Maybe G-chatting. And her friends would have dissed Tony for the booty call.

So I am thinking - this story needs to be updated for 2012, told through social media.

I bring you WSS2012:


@Riffbudboy: Jetssssss rool!!!!!

@Bernardoz: @anitasababe Que pasa, sexy? Whatch u doing

@anitassfuego: chillin w/@maria. Docs later? #cantwait

Facebook - Tony: @ work @ docs. So bored. I feel like Somethings coming. Could be? Who knows?
   (Riffbudboy, Action, Anybodys like this)

@Anybodys: The principal says I have to wear a dress. F that. #igottabeme


@maria: @work and so bored. I sew all day and sit all night. #america problems. Can't wait for dance at the gym w/@bernardoz and @anitasababe #tonight.

@anitasfuego: @ the dance with BFF Maria. Cute white dress!

@Bernardoz: Mambo! #jetscantdance

Facebook - Tony: I just met a girl named @Maria. #truelove

Facebook: - Maria: @tony I know you are not someone else. We have zero friends in common. Text me later QT! :)

(Tony is now friends with Maria and 4 other people. Suggest friends for Tony).

Facebook- Anita  - Checked in at America
   I like to be in America!!!

Twitter: @anitasfuego @maria - where are u? U didn't answer my text.

@bernardoz: I am going to kick some Jet ass. #dontlookatmysister

@riffbudboy: Did you say #Jet #ass? RUMBLE!

@berndardoz: YEssssssss. I am bringing #sticks #bricks #fists.

@tony - Buenos noches.  can't we all just get along? #12feetofftheground.

@maria @tony - meet me at the bridal shop tomorrow. @anitasfuego is cool with it. #theresaplaceforus #idontmeaninthisneighborhood.

Riff: The Jets are gonna have their way TONIGHT!

West Side Police Official Page: Our community police officer, Officer Krumpke, says there better not be a rumble on his beat. Click here for more playground rules and regulations.


@Bernardoz: uh-oh. trouble. #fightouttahand.

@Riffbudboy: I need backup

West Side Police Official Page: Disturbance reported at 57th Street playground. Possible two stabbing victims/ More info later.

@anitasfuego OMG OMG @maria

@maria: whats wrong??!?!

Tony checked in at Doc's Drugstore

Doc's Drugstore Official Page: Repost this as your status if you think the world has gone to hell. What's it gonna TAKE with you kids? #RIP


@Tony - CHINO! Come and get me!!!!!! #idareyou.

@maria - @tony hold my hand. We're halfway there, Anton.

@tony - @maria!!!! They told me you were dead.

Facebook - Maria: Descanza en Paz, Tony, mi verdando amor.

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