Monday, March 1, 2010

End of the of the Olympics, Snarkshelf edition

Since by now you have seen, ad nauseum, the highlights of the Vancouver Games, I am going to keep it short, here's what I LOVED and HATED about the last two weeks:

LOVE the Olympics in general; HATE how it has become a made-for-TV event.

LOVE Mary Carrillo; HATE Cris Collinsworth, who apparently can neither read nor speak.

LOVE good stories; HATE NBC's cliche machine.

LOVE snowboard cross; hate the way my knees feel watching moguls.

LOVE "O, Canada;" HATE the McDonald's Filet o Fish commercial.

LOVE pairs skating; HATE ice dancing's cultural night.

LOVE baggy snowboard pants; HATE that Johnny Weir gets grief for wearing glitter.

LOVE aerial shots of Vancouver; HATE that Bob Costas has so much botox he can't cry with Joannie Rochette.
LOVE Joannie Rochette; HATE Yvengey Pluschenko (He's like a character from "Mean Girls").

LOVE Julia Mancuso; HATE that NBC manufactured a catfight with Lindsay Vonn for her.

LOVE that most of the women skiers look like they like to have fun; HATE that the IOC admonished the Canadian women's hockey team for actually having fun.

LOVE Evan Lysacek; HATE Apollo Ohno (he's like Dobby the Elf from the Harry Potter movies).

LOVE the South Korean skater; HATE the commercials with Dan Janssen. Enough already.

LOVE the first stoned skier who said "Dude, yeah! I'll flip over those ramps and we'll call it 'ariels!' He he he"; HATE "The Marriage Ref."

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Shaun White; HATE the Aboriginal ice dancers (WTF?)

LOVE that curlers are like bowlers with day jobs; HATE that there is no biathlon team at South Lakes High.


  1. Holy shit, that McDonald's commercial makes me want to shoot myself.

    And yeah, that whole Mancuso/Vonn fight that they cooked up was ridiculous. Let's take comments from four years ago completely out of context and make them relate to something that was entirely out of their control!

  2. LOVE that you watched so much Olympics that you could write such details about it
    HATE that I didn't get every one of your snarks b/c I was watching other things after the first few nights.
    (saw the Marriage Ref and it was hysterical!)